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A will is a document that describes how your belongings should be distributed after you die. You can also use your will to nominate a guardian for your minor children. You can create a will working with ISO Policy's recommended attorneys, who helps you record all the necessary information.

Wills and trusts done right

An online will or trust is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to start your estate plan.

What is a


Like a will, a trust can also be used to distribute your belongings. However, the trust may allow you to have more control over how those belongings are distributed. You can create an online trust by using ISO Policy's recommended attorneys to guide you through the process.

When the process is completed, you’ll have a valid legal document forming the trust.

What do people usually put in their will?

Personal property

Personal property includes most of your individual possessions, like cash and securities, personal items, and other “movable” things.


Real property

Real property includes land, houses, and other types of real estate — virtually anything where the right to own the item is covered by a title.

Remaining items and property

Any item you don’t explicitly name a beneficiary for becomes part of the “residue” of the estate. The residue will be divided up according to the terms of your will.


Nominations of key people

You’ll also use your will to nominate key people to handle your affairs after you’re gone, such as a personal representative (executor) to administer your estate, and a guardian to look after your dependents.

Do I need a trust or a will?

Which is right for me?

Although both trusts and wills allow your assets to be distributed after you die, trusts can sometimes be more complex than wills.

Some people may want one or the other and many people may need both, no matter how large or small their estate may be.

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