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Every business starts with a simple question.

For the ISO Policy founders, that question was: “Why is buying insurance such a frustrating experience?"

Frustrating is an understatement. Navigating the world of insurance is confusing, stressful and a step backward in time (hello, fax machines). And even after they’ve bought a policy, people worry they might still be on the hook for something they missed.

Let’s get real: insurance has a big consumer problem.

As consultants to the top insurance companies, we suspected that this consumer problem was behind a lot of things we observed. It’s why life insurance ownership is at a 50-year low. It’s why health and disability under-insurance is behind most personal bankruptcies and home foreclosures. And it’s why we started ISO Policy.

First principles: insurance will probably never be fun for the consumer. But it can be easier and inspire confidence.

We have a lot of insurance knowledge, but we put that aside and started with a clean sheet. What’s the easiest way to get an individual from point A (no insurance) to point B (insured)? What kind of experience would people want? And we built from there.

ISO Policy is on a mission.

That means we’ve thoughtfully built our business for every type of insurance consumer who may come our way:

  • Detail-oriented? We’re building the best insurance content library out there.

  • More of a big picture person? Our Insurance Checkup is the best (and only) big picture tool around.

  • Convenience shopper? We’re building a one-stop shop. If you need life insurance and pet insurance, you shouldn’t have to go to a bunch of different sites.

  • Skeptic? We’re an independent site and not affiliated with any insurers. We believe in unbiased advice and transparency. We’ll provide you with choice and the information you need to make the right decision.

  • Care about the environment? We’re trying to eliminate paper from the insurance buying process.

  • Love the internet but still want to talk to somebody? We’ve got licensed experts a click or call away.

Insurance: we couldn’t be more excited about it. And we hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Welcome to the best job you've ever had.

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